I'm very excited to announce that the Conant Basketball Program will continue to work with Dan Krauser and World Class Basketball as our school's feeder team.  There has been a great basketball tradition at Conant over the years and Coach Krauser's program has been integral in that success.  In the past two years,  Conant Basketball has had a couple of their best years in school history.  Its no coincidence that almost all the players were a member of his program.  We can't wait to work with all the future Cougars when they get to high school and ultimately at the Varsity level.

We are in full support of Dan Krauser and his feeder program. He has shown over the years that he is invested in the success of Conant Basketball. Over the years, youth sports have changed dramatically with program after program popping up, promising that the grass greener on their side. With that, the ability to battle through adversity has deteriorated among our young athletes.
Under Coach Tom McCormack and Dan Krauser there has been a long track record of developing quality basketball players and young men. I know from personal experience that a key ingredient to team success is the number of Years a group has played TOGETHER. This togetherness allows a TEAM to consistently beat teams with more individual talent. When you combine togetherness with talent, that is when you have a chance to do something special come state tournament time.

Anybody that has stated that our coaching staff has agreed to make a change in the feeder program for next year does so without any regard for the truth. Doing so is an active attempt to promote a personal agenda and undermines Conant Basketball and the togetherness that is essential for our future success.

Jim Maley
Head Boys Basketball Coach
Conant High School


Tom McCormack: 47 years of coaching experience at various levels with 33 years of Boys HS Head Coaching experience (1 year as Head Coach at Immaculate Conception HS in Elmhurst and 32 years as Head Coach at Conant HS)
**2 Elite 8 appearances
**5 Supersectional appearances
**15 Regional Championships
**5 M.S.L. overall Championships
**9 Division Championships
**7 York (Jack Tosh) Christmas Tournament Championships
**6 Time I.B.C.A. District Coach of the Year awards
**13 Twenty or more win seasons
**I.B.C.A. Hall of Fame (2010)
**Career record of 576 wins and 342 loses

Above is a listing of accomplishments of the Conant High School Basketball Program from the '89-'90 season through the '16-17' season. During that time, Dan Krauser has been instrumental in developing the young players that were the key components of those achievements. Dan was the Director of the Conant Feeder Basketball Program during that entire period which also includes numerous tournament championships at Thanksgiving and Christmas (7 at York which is an all time record).

More importantly though, he has been and continues to be one of the best at coaching young talent. Dan's ability to coach young talent in both the basic fundamental skills and the advanced skills of the game. Not only does he do an excellent job of teaching skills, but also does so by keeping constant contact with the high school head coaches to continually check on what team and individual skills they want emphasized and how they want them taught. The offensive fundamentals of: ballhandling, passing, footwork, shooting, free throw shooting, rebounding, etc.. and the defensive fundamentals of: guarding on and off the ball, boxing out and rebounding, etc.. along with the team concepts of offense, defense, transition, pressure, special situations, etc... are all taught with great detail by Dan and his coaching staff with input from the high school coaching staff.

As a parent, I had 2 sons that went through Dan's program and have done and continue to do teaching sessions for him at his camps. We have had numerous players go through the feeder, WCBA and high school program that went on to continue playing at various collegiate levels.

In today's environment, there are a lot of choices out there, I would STRONGLY recommend and still choose Dan Krauser's programs because of the high quality of instruction and communication/cooperation the the high school coaches.

Sincerely: Tom McCormack

In unity, there is strength.  Throughout my eighteen years of coaching boys' basketball at Conant High School, I have learned that when there is commitment and teamwork from the players, staff, and parents at the feeder level all the way up to the varsity level, extraordinary things can happen for that graduating class of players.  Everyone understands that a competitive team cannot be built in just four months and that a successful team goes way beyond the x's and o's of basketball.  It also includes essential skills such as attitude, communication, toughness, togetherness, and accountability.  None of this can occur if future "Cougars" are not developing and playing together on a year by year basis.  The purpose of a feeder program is to establish and accelerate a culture of learning in a competitive environment that is aligned with the benchmarks of its high school program.  A feeder program serves the needs of the community and its high school, especially with Conant High School drawing students from a variety of communities such as of Elk Grove, Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, and Roselle.  The community needs to trust the process that Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Mr. Jim Maley advocates for and Conant
High School supports.  These are the reasons why I have supported and continue to support Mr. Dan Krauser and his Conant Boys Feeder Basketball Program. 
 Mr. David Wolf, Conant Freshmen Boys Basketball Coach

I have had the privilege of working with Dan Krauser as a coach in his program (World Class Basetball & Conant Feeder) from 2000-2009.  Throughout this time,  I have witnessed a program whose goals are concerned more about the development of our young players than with win and loses.  The quality of his instruction and his personal dedication in his programs are invaluable to our youth basketball players who aspire to be the best they can be.
In regards to the feeder level,  Coach Krauser worked closely with Conant High School to run the system that the players will be running when they get into high school.  I was Freshman coach at Conant High School from 2008-1011.  I saw firsthand how prepared players were that played in Coach Krauser's program prior to entering high school.  As the Varsity Head Coach at Libertyville High School,  I still keep in contact with Coach Krauser as I support everything he does for our youth.  HIs focus on detail to improve our young players Is something that I instill in my own coaching methods.  His primary goal is to prepare players for high school basketball and beyond.  To do this,  he focuses on fundamentals, work ethic and instilling a competitive spirit in the individual.
I am in full support of Dan Krauser and his programs as he does it the "right way".  When you have programs such as his that focus on player development first,  you know you have something special.
Brian Zyrkowski
Libertyville High School Head Varsity Coach

"Making Intensity a Habit"
Thank you for your interest in the Conant Feeder Basketball Program.  This program run by the World Class Basketball Association and Dan Krauser is the official feeder program for Conant High School and the ONLY program that is supported by the Conant High School Basketball Coaching Staff.  There are other programs out there who claim to be a Conant Feeder Program but we are the ONLY program that practices out of Conant High School and works with the Conant High School Coaching Staff.

The Conant Feeder Basketball Program has a National reputation of getting players prepared for high school basketball and over 95% of the players who played in the Conant Feeder Program have ended up on a Conant High School Varsity Roster with many of them playing Sophomore or Varsity as Freshman.

Please look over our new and improved website to see what we are all about and we hope to see you this upcoming season!!
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